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Enliten Electric was established in 1990 with an initial focus on the domestic market, comprising mainly of maintenance work and small installations. Our expansion into the Construction Industry in 1992 resulted in our exposure to HT and LT reticulation, switchgear and mini sub installations. This growth opened us up to a wider market that has since seen us perform works in the mining, industrial and commercial sectors. We have earned a reputation of quality and service excellence and strive to maintain our solid standing with all our stakeholders.

In 2017, we began the implementation of our long-term transformation plan. By 2019, an additional director was brought into the business and this change saw Enliten Electric having its first Black Female Majority Shareholder. In October 2020, Enliten Electric obtained a 100% ownership by a Black Female.

Our transformation has enabled our partners to embark on exciting new empowerment ventures with us. With our highly experienced, strong and dedicated teams, solid systems and resources, we continue to strive towards maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency to maintain our current, and build new stakeholder relationships.

Despite the challenging economic times the country faces with the recession and the covid-19 pandemic, Enliten Electric remains steadfast and committed to all our clients to ensure that every project receives our full dedication, giving all our clients peace of mind.

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With sound financial resources, manpower and equipment we strive to provide our clients not only with service excellence, but also the expertise required in order to meet their brief and exceed their expectations. Our key staff are highly trained and we offer ongoing training to ensure that we are capable of performing any project at a level of excellence..

Joalane Tladi

Owner & Director

011 326 3013


Quantity Surveyor

Pieter Roestoff


Contracts Manager

Jameel Mahomed


Maxwell Makaika


Finance & Human Resources

Finance & HR Manager

Angela Holtshausen


HR Administrator

Violet Mamburu


Financial Assistant

Calvin Holtshausen



Admin Manager

Adriana Fowler



Procurement Manager

Macdonald Thebe





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